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Become a member and watch our woodturning videos whenever you please. Click here for great woodturning tips. The best way to learn how to use a wood lathe and woodturning is by watching our wood turning tip videos.

You have non-stop access as a member to instructional woodturning video content, shot and produced by professional woodturners. Seeing the woodturning work before your very eyes will help you get up to speed. Interested in learning more about turning tools and a lathe?

Our woodturning videos teach you about these wood turning tools and help you tackle specific tasks. Woodturning can be very addicting so get ready to turn! Take pride in your morning grounds knowing you turned the utensil to keep you going during the day. George Vondriska puts a piece of wet walnut onto the lathe to demonstrate the benefits of using a bowl gouge to hollow out the interior of a bowl instead of a chisel.

Turning a lidded box is a great lathe project. They make great gifts and are easy to create using basic turning skills. This woodworking class provides tips for hollowing the narrow, deep interior, creating decorative chatter on the lid and using a specialty chuck for the entire turning process. Look for a chuck on which…. There are some distinct advantages to turning green wood instead of dry wood, especially for bowls.

Although working with green wood can make the cutting process easier, there are some downsides you need to know about. Watch to see if green wood turning is right for you. Watch our woodturning videos right in your shop to develop your lathe skills and become one with your chisels. We give you the ability to stream videos on any mobile device, you can watch videos that give you tips on lathe use and other woodworking tips and techniques.

George Vondriska teaches you about the benefits of using a Modern Longworth Chuck System to finish the bottom of a bowl that you are turning on a woodworking lathe. The jaws help to better grip the bowl with a snug fit so that you can more easily craft the bottom of the bowl and get…. Making pens and pencils on the lathe is a lot of fun and easy once you know a few of the woodworking tricks.

Write on!RSS Feed Comments. With its characteristic ring, this will certainly be a conversation piece. Check it out. He turns a number of large segmented items, but he definitely has a talent for reproducing musical instruments in wood. Very inspiring. Posted in Project Slideshows Comment. This device can be attached to the top of a Band Saw and allows the Woodturner to cut a circle from any block of wood.

A pivot point is used to control the radius of the circle which can be adjusted to create different diameters. It might spark an idea for your own circle cutter.

Posted in DemonstrationsJigs Comment. Turning a wooden bracelet is a quick project that can use up some scrap wood. Here, Deoje turns a wooden bracelet for his wife. Posted in DemonstrationsJewelryProjects Comment.

This is a slick idea that makes pen blank pouring much easier. A quick, short rap on you workbench loosens the blank. Since the PVC is round, it makes roughing the pen much easier with less waste. Check it out! As a time-saving technique, he uses baseball bat blanks. Great video. He shows how he makes a quick, and simple top.

Be sure to check out his website for other videos too. Here is a great two part video series from Barry Gross. Just in time for Easter! Posted in BoxesDemonstrationsProjects 1 Comment.

Woodturning Videos free woodturning video demonstrations and tutorials. Maple Saturn Box. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner. Contact - Privacy Policy. Powered by WP Robot.Floor Lathe: This is a heavy duty lathe, flooring mounted, mattress is more rigid than any lighter models, and it is a machine for […].

Hi there! I made a couple of maple snowmen. It's easy and very funny project which can be done very quickly. If you like the video, please subscribe to my ch Getting ready for Christmas with a nutcracker. Learn how to turn a whistle on your lathe. This small woodturning project is fun to complete and can be done on a small lathe.

From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, woodworkingteam. We hope you find what you are searching for! This is a short video showing the process of making a simple wooden platter by Glenn Lucas.

Crea ting a faceplate turning requires different skills and techniques than spindle turning, and when you super-size that turning like on this BIG platterAyuda al canal: www. This week in the workshop i take a piece of Tiger oak wood i had laying around and turned it into an egg but knowing there would be some cracks in it before Big Guy Productions and Capt. Eddie Castelin are at it again. Contact Cap'n Eddie at capneddiecastelin gmail.

Make a set of hollowing tools and then go about it in reverse. Contact Cap'n Eddie at eddiecast How to use my signature spindle gouge to make finely detailed spindles, like the elegant finials that I'm known for.

In my other videos, I show how I use my Turning a full sized wooden goblet from a cherry blank. Same as any craft, woodturning demands a strong foundation in the basics, knowing the wood properties, tools, techniques and most especially design techniques or considerations. Improving this knowledge gives the woodturner the ability to express unique creativity in challenging ways, from the traditional to the modern style.

Spindle Turning Technique: There are two basic tasks […]. Bowl gouge sharpening techniques are really the first thing that needs to be learned when turning wood bowls. Without a sharp bowl gouge turning wood bowls is not easy. This jointer and planer combo stand with integrated dust collection makes the ultimate all in one board milling station! Like these videos?

Support me on Pat Calls, music. Other Pins. See more.Repairing Split Wood: In an otherwise attractive piece of wood, an unsightly split or crack can run deep like family turmoil. Most wood fillers are intended to be little more than aesthetic solutions.

Even the hardiest fillers are intended to withstand compressive forc…. VK is the largest European social network with more than million active users. Our goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues in touch. Sam explores proper tool rest positions.

woodturning videos

He does sample cuts on the inside and outside of a bowl. Not only do we offer Buffs, we also have a full range of related items for woodturners at exceptional prices.

Here i turn a sphere from a Plum log. I knew this Plum had some great looking grain and thought a sphere would be a great way of showing it off I finis Learn how to cut bowl blanks from logs so you can start turning your new bowl on a lathe.

Our video instruction makes it an easy learning process. Why do I keep getting nasty catches while woodturning? Bowl gouge size, cutting depth and speed, muscle memory are among some of the reasons we get….

In this video, Allan Batty takes you through the make up of the skew chisel and the six basic cuts everyone should know. Allan Batty teach's you everything you need to know about the skew chisel.

This video shows the process I used to make a wooden art deco style small Christmas tree. Wood turning small trees is an excellent way to practice spindle wo I demonstrate 30 woodturning tips, tricks and jigs. This is a revised version of a Dec video that had some camera issues. I upload new wood turning vide Turn your own tool handle - Turning a handle is a basic turning skill but there is a big difference between a handle to hold steel and one that'll work withThere are a variety of viscosities of cyanoacrylate glue available.

I typically use medium or thick for these repairs. The result; a bullet bowl. You may never do an…. Turning a natural form on a lathe, and keeping the bark and natural tree profile intact as you rough out and shape the bowl is a satisfying process.

While live edge bowl turning is extremely fun, for people who are new to this art form, there can be some intimidation about the sequence of events. There are lots of things to like about bowl turning.

woodturning videos

Have you ever wanted to try oval turning on your lathe? Through the use of multi-axis turning you can do this. Multi-axis turning involves moving the live center to multiple points on your spindle to create a shape that is something other than round, such as an oval. Why might someone want to learn oval….

If you enjoy woodturning, you surely spend some time preparing turning blanks. But other times, you might not have thick enough stock, or perhaps you just want to incorporate some different colors into your project to enhance…. Have you ever seen a bowl that has a rim with three pointy tips rather than a contiguous round shape?

This is commonly referred to as a three-point bowl, and many experienced woodturners are perplexed when asked to guess how one would make such a bowl. By its appearance, one might guess that you would…. I recently checked out a new hollow vessel turning set from Easy Wood Tools. Hollow vessels are a bowl turning project, but instead of a large bowl-type…. If you own a lathe, you know all about putting a spur center in the headstock and a live center in the tailstock.

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10 Common Wood Turning Mistakes

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woodturning videos

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woodturning videos

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Woodturning Videos: Quickly Learn How to Use a Wood Lathe

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Woodturning Videos

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